Release Your Apps in Hours Instead of Days While Cutting Cost and Making Your Team More Productive

Watch the Training Video: Cut Your Release Times in Half in Less Than 4 weeks. + 3 Real Life Case Studies + Client List + Methods to Supercharge Your App Deployment and Management Process
125 App Publishers and Forward-Thinking Enterprises And Counting
Case Studies
Before began working with they were manually managing and publishing hundreds of apps for their clients committing a lot of human capacities. 

After Gonative signed up with AppManager, they were able to reduce their publishing times by more than 50% and free up their team members.

"The AppManager team is highly capable and can flexibly and productively work into our own processes and workflows. A+ all around!"

 - John, CEO & Founder
John Snyder
When we started, it took us almost one day to update our apps, having 12 different languages, 8 different screenshot sizes and 3 different app preview sizes. With more than 25 apps in our portfolio, this was a lot of headache and a huge waste of time.

Since using the AppManager platform, we were able to translate the apps into even more languages (30) and use more specialized assets while it only takes us 1 hour to update an app. Most of that time, we can do something else.
“With over 600 apps on both Google Play and the App Store, publishing and managing those apps became a big nightmare for our team.

Since we’re using AppManager, we’ve been able to reduce all app-related emails with our stakeholders by more than 95% as they are now able change most of the information themselves. This drastically increased the satisfaction and feedback rating by 78%, which we measure on a regular basis."

- Oliver, Enterprise Mobility Manager of a large automotive company
Oliver Jakob
Cut Down on Release Times and Cycle Lengths
Cut release cycle lengths
Make Your Team more Productive and Happy
Making your team more productive
Cut Cost and Overhead for Managing Your Apps
Reduce cost of managing apps
Supercharge your Mobile App Business through Central App Management
Get a central hub for all your apps
Maintaining an app portfolio across multiple stores with different interfaces and requirements brings a lot of friction. AppManager is the only platform that brings together all your apps in one central hub.
Shorten your Release Cycles using Smart Automation
Manage all aspects of your apps
Getting apps ready for the stores includes a lot of time-consuming tasks. AppManager automates most of them for your team through smart automation drastically reducing release cycles.
Increase the Productivity of your Team with Optimized Workflows
Have all information in one place.
Use built-in workflow automations to speed up your deployment process and make sure your whole team stays productive.
When your team needs to upload screenshots, manage localizations, optimize store listings, upload builds, submit apps, and more, AppManager has you covered.
$1999/mo + $2,000 setup
$99/mo - $999/mo
  •  Unlimited uploads and downloads
  •  Major store connections included in all plans
  •  Powerful team and rights management
  •  Apps and store connections depending on package
  •  Training Call (worth $500)
  •  No Contract
  •  No Cancellation Charges
  •  In-Depth Support and optional Services
  •  30-Day-Trial
30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee (60 days risk free with trial)
No strings attached.
Max Ott
Max Ott
App industry veteran with more than 1,000,000 downloads

Book author of "How to effectively manage and market your apps"

Process consultant and coach

Founder of

Curator of
Is this tool truly time-saving?
Yes, our customers are able to release and update apps faster consistently. You can save anywhere from 50% to 80% of your time depending on your existing workflow.
What if I'm not technical?
Don't worry, we built the product so everyone can use it. You don't need to be technical to experience results. Just follow the process we help you lay out.
Who are you guys anyway?
We are a group of app developers and publishers who have both their own apps as well as help big developers to get their apps on the store. We are dedicated to helping companies streamline their publishing processes.
Will this really work for us/our setup?
Yes, we have seen this work for all different setups from large enterprises to indie game studios. This will work if you:
1. have multiple apps and want to get the business to the next level
2. want to streamline your processes and keep costs down
I want to wait to implement a solution like this...
If you wait, you will be adding a lot of additional technical debt over time. We are the first to market with an automated app management tool like this, and the opportunity to save a lot of time and money is there fro the taking!
What are the next steps?
Book a 15-min discovery call with one of our Process Expert members to talk about whether automated app management can work for you.
What if I don't have budget for a tool like this?
This is a workflow productivity tool that will help you save countless hours of work. Think about how much your hourly rate or that of all your team members is. For most customers, the tool will pay for itself.
Are there any long term contracts?
No, everything is month-to-moth. You can however, pay yearly to get a discount.
What exactly do I get when I sign up?
You get access to a fully featured app management platform that will streamline the workflow of your whole team. You can add access to your developer accounts and manage all aspects of your apps directly on the platform. It includes a lot of smart automation to make your live easier and be more productive. We're continually adding new features to make this the best possible experience to manage many apps.
Is it hard to set up?
No, its very easy and does not require any complicated setup process. In our most popular package, we help you get set-up and comfortable with the platform. We also have an extensive documentation and provide unlimited support.
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